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Meeting Minutes- 2017

Chino Valley Democrats, Meeting Minutes

Chino Valley Democrats, Meeting Minutes

 May 10, 2016

Open, Pledge of allegiance

Opened at 7:07 pm

Introduction of guest & visitors

Ben guest and Sue, new member

Adoption of agenda

One change to add an Election discussion

Jim motioned, to add it, Joe 2nd the motion, all in favor

Approval of minutes

Dena motioned to adopt, Naomi 2nd the motion, all in favor

Treasurer report

Lou reported beginning BAL $606.01, ending balance $801.26

(Detail report provided) Dena motioned to accept, Rosa 2nd the motion, all in favor.

Chair report, Marian

The City of Chino New Districting map adoption, May council meetings with final adoption scheduled for June 7. Council favored the adoption of District Map 4-1B.


OCLF (Orange County Labor Federation) Dinner – Club Officers as Guests of Sukhee- Jim, Marian, and Lou were in attendance at Anaheim Convention Center. Good evening with Labor notables like Art Pulaski, elected officials like Loretta Sanchez, and Betty Yee.

San Bernardino CC meeting with Tom Steyer, of Next Gen Climate Petition for $2.00 cigarette tax, funding for healthcare.

GOTV, (Get Out the Vote) in our region.  Commit to this important event. Call bank our neighbors to increase the number of Democrats to show at the polls and mail in their ballots. Marian’s house date TBD.

CVD Officer Elections next month. We are a little late on this so please send Marian your nominations. So far the same slate: Marian as Chair, Jim as 1st Vice Chair, Naomi as 2nd Vice Chair, Lou as Treasurer, and Joe as Sergeant-at-Arms were nominated. Vickie’s excused absences due to classes and union activity, has prompted a nomination for Kathy (Jim as transcriber) to run for Meeting Recorder. Marian emphasized we could use other names, so step up and nominate yourself or a fellow club member. We will post a ballot in June to capture this activity.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer– we raised $425 and Sukhee donated $200 on Apr 30. Thanks to David, Rosemary, Doreen, Dena, Jim, Sukhee. Good community relations. We met up with the Cigarette tax initiative people and made good contacts.

Irene Hernandez-Blair Fundraiser and potluck- successful kickoff at Diane Boudreau’s (Region 13 Dem Director). Many showed up.

  • Voter Registration Tabling May 11, 25. The Shoppes Chino Hills, 4:30 – 6:30 pm. Mark your calendars.
  • Canvassing Chino Hills for Sukhee Kang/ Gregg Fritchle/ Brett Murdock – May 15, 22, 29. 3:00 pm Jack in the Box on Pipeline & Chino Hills parkway. Last push before primary! We need you!
  • Also Week nights 4-7 in Diamond Bar at  23341 Golden Springs Dr.# 200
  • May 14, Numerous events
    • District 15 Delegates Dena and Jim to attend 930 am Iron Workers Hall, Industry, CA, presided by Clark Lee (Region 15 Dem Director)
    • Norma Torres Breakfast at 9 am, Ontario 11:00 precinct walking.
    • Pete Aguilar Aguilar Campaign HQ Grand Opening with Special Guest Congresswomen Loretta Sanchez
      225 West Hospitality Lane Ste 209
      San Bernardino, CA 92408, 9:30 am – 11:30 am
    • Regional Democratic Headquarters Grand Opening – The Grove Mini Shopping Center, corner of Foothill and Garey in Pomona, CA. (near Claremont) Address: 3115 North Garey Avenue, Pomona, CA 91767, 3:00 p.m.


Vice chair report, Jim


Central Committee update (Meets the fourth Thursday each month in San Bernardino)

Tom Hayden visited and pitched his candidacy for DNC plus his recent issues. See his newsletter at

The SBDCC also held a club summit on April 16. Jim encouraged everyone to attend the next one as they are usually about twice a year. At this club summit, we discussed:


  1. Benefits of club chartering including access to MOE and candidate endorsement of the Democratic Party.


  1. We went into depth on the status of the election working group including the concept of having 5 meet and greets hosting our local endorsed candidates in conjunction with the state endorsed candidates.


  1. We were introduced to the Voter Engagement Program spearheaded by the Fresno folks that has proven an increase in voter turnout by at least 8%.


  1. Finally we had a good dialogue between the clubs that were present when we did the roundtable.


Sukhee Kang for SD29 ,  Gregg Fritchle for AD55, Brett Murdock for CD39 campaigns- Jim and Marian emphasized the importance of supporting all three candidates for the primary in our region. He encouraged signs placement, canvassing and phone banking.


DNC Delegate selection process update– Jim declared candidacy, found a slate partner (Virginia Aguilar from Chino Hills) and missed the cut by 5 votes in the Hillary for President CD39 delegate election. We must make an extra effort, if possible, to turn out for our people like Marian who is next on the ballot in AD52 for SB Central Committee.


Save Tres Hermanos– next meeting will be May 25 at the Diamond Bar Public Library at 7 pm. We will be discussing our community hike through the region to help build appreciation for this open space that may be threatened with residential and commercial development in the not too distant future.


Chino Hills Concerts in the Park, June 22- Aug 10- Our voter registration table every Wednesday at 600 pm. Chino concerts are sponsored by Republican leaning Kiwanis and unfriendly to our requests to set up a table.


Chino Hills Independence Day June 29 table set up at 5 pm for special night.


Vice chair Naomi,

Concerned parents & citizens update


The group will host a candidate phase 2 vetting process, May 12, where regular members of the committee get to rate 5 candidate applicants for CVUSD board. The goal is to select three to run for three seats. One obvious selection for endorsement, (barring a major scandal) is Irene Hernandez-Blair running for re-election. The others are Joe Schaeffer, Tyra Weiss, Barbara Marquez, and club member Don Bridges. This club can also have an opportunity after CTA, the Concerned Citizens endorse. We can endorse Democrats only of course. More to follow


Open Discussion

Marian shared the LA Times article (see

She emphasized when we register voters and they do not want to be party affiliated they should choose Decline-to-State as the independent choice.

Close – 8:25 pm